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Frederik Barkhof

Frederik Barkhof ( is a Professor in Neuroradiology at the department of Radiology & Nuclear Medicine at Amsterdam UMC and at the Queen Square Institute of Neurology & the Centre for Medical Image Computing (CMIC) at University College London. His research interests focus on the use of (advanced) MRI techniques and PET in white matter disease, ageing & dementia and glioma. He (co)authored 1270 papers referenced in PubMed, has an H-factor of 178 (Google Scholar) and is listed among 3000 most influential scientists world-wide by Thompson-Reuters. He is the author of the books “Neuroimaging in Dementia”, “Clinical applications of functional brain MRI” and “Clinical Neuroradiology – the ESNR textbook”. More than 70 PhD students graduated under his supervision and 5 of them have subsequently attained a full professorship.